Icarus eXtreme Dome - 4G & 5G 4Runner & 3G Tacoma

Icarus eXtreme Dome - 4G & 5G 4Runner & 3G Tacoma

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  • Fits 4th and 5th Gen 4Runners

Newly redesigned! Better and brighter!

So what happened? Well, we ditched the old dual state LEDS and swapped in dedicated high output WHITE and RED LEDs and increased the LED count by 6%! The Icarus eXtreme Dome is compatible with the 5th Generation 4Runner and 3rd Generation Tacoma! Using a custom designed circuit board the Icarus Dome light utilizes 100% of the available space offering a perfect fit that follows both form and function and includes a switch to change the light between white and red all while preserving 100% of the functionality of the dome light.

Design Features:

  • White 5700k / Red LEDs

  • Digital LED Drivers

  • Optional switching between White/RED - Please note that the switch will protrude approx 1.5cm from the LENS (pictured) due to limitations of space in Toyota’s dome light.

  • Plug-N-Play

  • Drilling of LENs required to fit switch if purchasing switchable option

What’s Included:

  • LED Dome light panel

  • Full color install guide

Available Options

  • White LEDs only (no switch)

  • White/Red - with switch

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