Icarus eXtreme Map - 5G 4Runner

Icarus eXtreme Map - 5G 4Runner

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The Map Light. The name denotes its function to both light up the cabin and provide a soft source of light when driving at night. This is what sparked us a year ago to develop the first ever RED & WHITE switchable map light for the 4Runner:

  • A bright WHITE light for interior illumination

  • A soft RED which can preserve your night vision when driving.

Newly redesigned for 2019 we included dedicated WHITE and RED high output LEDs and increased the LED count by 13%!

The Icarus eXtreme Map Lights fits all 5th Generation 4Runners.  Using a custom designed circuit board the Icarus eXtreme Map light utilizes 100% of the available space and offers a perfect fit that follow both form and function.  The switches now come standard to change the light between white and red all while preserving 100% of the functionality of the map light.

Design Features:

  • White 5700k / Red LEDs

  • Digital LED Drivers

  • Optional red/white switches for driver and pass. lights

  • Plug-N-Play

  • Drilling of LENs required to fit switch if purchasing switchable option

What’s Included:

  • LED Map light panel

  • Full color install guide

Available Options

  • White LEDs only (no switch)

  • White/Red with switch

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