Triple State Voltage Booster - 5th Gen 4Runner

Triple State Voltage Booster - 5th Gen 4Runner


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Did you know a AGM Battery (eg Odyssey, Optima, Northstar) requires a higher voltage output to properly charge? Odyssey states in their warranty booklet that:

“…applications where an alternator is present, the alternator must deliver between 14.0V and 14.7V when measured at the Battery’s terminals.”

One of this simplest and established ways to effectively boost the voltage output from a stock charging system is to add a voltage booster. Our newly designed triple state voltage booster allows you to switch between 3 settings:

  1. OEM Voltage - Outputs voltage at OEM levels

  2. Boosted - increases output voltage by ~0.5v from OEM levels

  3. Over Boost - increases output voltage an additional ~1 .0v from OEM levels

All 3 settings are easily switchable with a flick of a switch all while retaining the 7.5A fuse.  The voltage booster is 100% Plug-N-Play, requires no modification, and installs in seconds.

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