Icarus Map - 2nd Generation Tacoma

Icarus Map - 2nd Generation Tacoma

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Tired of dim stock interior lights?  Or perhaps the LED replacements you have just aren’t cutting it?  Look no further!  The Icarus Map Light for the 2nd Generation Tacoma will elevate your nighttime adventures to new heights by providing unrivaled luminosity at the push of a button.  With an option that also allows you to switch the lights to red to preserve night vision, this fully plug-and-play kit will be the ultimate companion while four-wheeling in the darkness!  All components are proudly sourced and manufactured in the USA. Instruction guide included.

Design Features:

  • White 6500k / Red LEDs

  • Digital LED Drivers

  • Optional red/white switches for driver and pass. lights

  • Plug-N-Play

  • Drilling of LENs required to fit switch if purchasing switchable option

What’s Included:

  • LED Map light panels

  • Full color install guide

Available Options

  • White LEDs only (no switch)

  • White/Red - with switch

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