Icarus Dome - 2nd Generation Tacoma

Icarus Dome - 2nd Generation Tacoma

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So here’s another chance to own one of the most functional and unique upgrades to enhance your interior! The 2nd Gen Tacoma Icarus Dome Light uses a custom designed circuit board that utilizes 100% of the available space offering a perfect fit. It follows both form and function and include a switch to change the light between white and red all while preserving 100% of the functionality of the dome light.

Design Features:

  • White 6500k / Red LEDs

  • Digital LED Drivers

  • Optional switching between White/RED - Please note that the switch will protrude approx 1.5cm from the LENS (pictured) due to limitations of space in Toyota’s dome light.

  • Plug-N-Play

  • Drilling of LENs required to fit switch if purchasing switchable option

What’s Included:

  • LED Dome light panel

  • Full color install guide

Available Options

  • White LEDs only (no switch)

  • White/Red - with switch

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